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Other citations of “The U.S. Embargo Against Cuba: A Celebration to Lament Washington’s Sterile Havana Strategy”

April 13, 2012
Caribbean News Now!
Diario Granma
Radio Informaremos
Radio Martí
Scoop News
The Cutting Edge
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  1. James Scoyne permalink
    April 19, 2012 4:03 am

    We all sympathize with the Cubans plite yet confiscating a billion dollars of someones property is not soon to be forgotten. Nationalism in the Americas would be better served by producing 1st world standards, but that is more difficult. Too bad Fidel can’t come to grips with reform Communism. China. Are they going to confiscate the foreigners now?

    Thieves are thieves, even on Wall Street.

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